Full range drivers such as Audio Nirvana are increasing in Popularity.  Everyone agrees that the midrange frequencies contain most of the musical information. Yet, for most speaker manufacturers, the midrange frequencies are the first to be shortchanged. Crossovers tend to place their distortion right in the critical midrange region. Some designers favor the technique of leaving a hole in the midrange to exaggerate the highs and lows.

I favor full range single drivers because they can deliver a full bodied midrange without the many forms of distortion caused by crossovers. Recent advances allow full range drivers to produce extended bass and treble, in addition to a clear midrange.

Distortion free music is not appreciated by everyone. A filled out midrange may take away from an exaggerated bass and treble sound. The highly perceptible cone breakup in the midrange may be perceived as edgy. Distortion in the high frequencies may be perceived as sizzle. Cone breakup in the low frequencies may be perceived as jaw dropping realism.

If you do appreciate distortion free music, then you know that unexaggerated bass is musical and does not send the lady of the house into a frenzy. You know that extended music sessions do not produce listening fatigue. You know that you can close your eyes and imagine that the musicians are in the room with you.

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